WordPress Development in Chandigarh

The majority of websites that are created using a content management system (CMS) are produced on the WordPress system. It is by far the easiest CMS to work with and as a result, over 20 percent of websites worldwide currently use WordPress. Other CMS like Magento is used for e-commerce-based sites whereas Joomla and Drupal have specific suitability for certain types of website or when the client is familiar with one of them and specifically requests that a site be created under that CMS.

WordPress Platforms

WordPress is created by Automatic which started life in 2005. It has both a free platform on WordPress.org and a self-hosted CMS at WordPress.com.The free platform is only designed really for people who want a quick couple of web pages to talk about a personal project. It has restrictive options, a limited list of themes to alter a site’s appearance and you cannot use on your own domain (.com .in). For client sites, using the CMS on a self-hosted platform is the only option that makes sense. As a CMS, it is designed to be flexible. When using self-hosting, you have your own hosting account and the CMS is installed under the domain account. You, the client, have the control over the CMS, the themes added, the plugins installed, and so on. The website is also under your own domain name, not a sub-domain like indiansite.wordpress.org or CMS.com/indiansite/ which both look unprofessional for commercial usage.

Underlying Code

WordPress uses PHP as a backend programming language. It is a widely used alternative to Microsoft languages and technologies. It uses open-source or inexpensive technologies. For instance, MySQL relational database system is used, instead of the Microsoft SQL Server which is very expensive. PHP and MySQL work well together, as does Apache, NGINX and other fast, free or affordable web servers that deliver web pages to website visitors, instead of using Microsoft’s IIS system. Therefore, WordPress uses programming languages, software, databases and platforms that are either free or more affordable for web hosts to license and get support on. It also runs on the Linux platform, which Mac OS, Ubuntu and Android are all based upon. Linux servers are cheaper to maintain, don’t need high-end hardware to run well and use inexpensive or free software. This has all helped grow the WordPress userbase quickly because web hosts were freed from a dependence on the expensive Microsoft software and platform eco-system.

Front-end and Backend

The front-end that the site owner sees are the WordPress Dashboard and options to view posts, pages, plugins, themes, settings and other elements of their control panel. This is largely the same with every WordPress site and so once trained up on how to manage their website, clients can do so without needing to call their web developer or web host for help every time. The front-end allows full control over when the site is live or using a WordPress plug to disable the live site for maintenance. Individual pages and posts can be published or unpublished or left in draft mode until they’re ready for publication. Through the Dashboard and user management, the Administrator can control all aspects of the website from a single place. In this way, using WordPress is very convenient. On the backend, this is handled by the Tricity Web Solutions in Chandigarh, and the web host should a serious issue arise. Things like incremental backups of your WordPress website can be automatically handled and the files uploaded to the cloud for safekeeping.

Why Does Tricity Web Solutions Use WordPress?

The WordPress CMS is so widely used that picking another option doesn’t make sense in most situations. Sometimes another CMS is chosen for its suitability, but otherwise WordPress is so endlessly adaptable that it’s the obvious choice.

WordPress Themes

Existing free or premium WordPress themes provide a website design that can be used as a starting point. Making design adjustments and tweaks to its layout, color scheme, typography and other elements can completely alter how the site will appear and function for website visitors. Alternatively, a custom WordPress theme can be produced that starts from a blank page. Using high-quality WP themes ensures client sites are well produced because those themes have been thoroughly tested, sometimes for years, and have thousands of users already. This helps to avoid security issues with the theme later. Premium paid themes are better in this regard because they’re updated frequently whereas free themes can be produced and then don’t change when WordPress releases an update to their CMS.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins also extend the usefulness of a website and extend its features considerably both inside the Dashboard and for site visitors too. Without these plugins, like a message board, a guest book, a dynamic price list – these would have to be coded from scratch at considerable extra cost. Most plugins are free, but some are premium plugins with extra features and support provided. Here at Tricity Web Solutions, we’re experts at creating client websites using WordPress. It’s easy for our clients to work with and there’s free YouTube videos to help them get up to speed with it quickly. Adding a new article and including some photos on a page is easy to learn how to do for non-technical people because it’s just point and click! We find that our clients enjoy the freedom that affords them after their website has been created to their specifications.