Web Design and Development Trends in Chandigarh

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The only thing you can count on in the web design business is change. Technology has been evolving at breakneck speed in recent years and things that were all the rage a few years ago (hello “splash pages”) are now all but forgotten. At the same time things that were never imagined 10 years ago now rule the Internet roost (can you say “social media”). It’s never been more important to make sure you work with a trend-setting web design company and not one that finds itself perpetually behind the curve. Below are the hottest web design trends in Chandigarh for the coming year.

  • Responsive Design – Each year the number of mobile devices that come online is growing by the tens of millions. In fact, in 2016 searches originating from mobile devices outnumbered searches from laptops and pcs for the first time ever. As a result, responsive design has become a must-have component of any website. Responsive design allows your website to scale to the particular needs of various mobile platforms and for that reason it’s bound to be the hottest trend in web design for the foreseeable future.
  • Breakneck Speed – Attention spans are becoming shorter by the year which means you need to snag visitors to your website as quickly as possible. Should you doubt the veracity of that statement, think about this: statistics show that nearly half the visitors to your website will exit if your site takes more than 3 seconds to load. 3 seconds. As such designers and developers alike will be burning the midnight oil trying to find ways to squeeze every nanosecond of speed out of websites this coming year
  • Flat is Back – Few are the people who still believe in the flat earth theory. But when it comes to cyberspace designers and developers in Chandigarh will be looking to take a page out of history in the coming year with flat design being one of their rallying cries. One reason flat design is on the ascendance is because simple, flat, solid color portions of a website load incredibly fast. This extraordinary speed is noted by search engines who give clean, fast loading sites priority when it comes to organic search results.
  • Natural Shapes – Natural shapes will replace a lot of hard-edged geometric shapes in the coming year. The thought process driving this shift in designs is a desire to create more open, pleasing websites that visitors will find more welcoming. It’s also a tacit acknowledgement of how competitive the Internet has become for businesses in recent years and a tip of the cap to a younger generation that is increasingly driving both the social media and retail components of Internet expansion.

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