Magento Development In Chandigarh

Magento is a content management system (CMS) that’s owned byAdobe. Using Magento, it’s possible to create a functional website to offer a full e-commerce shopping experience on your own website. It’s the #1 e-commerce platform used in the world today.

Background on Magento

Creating premium Magento web development projects in Chandigarh is not easy to do. The CMS was released in 2008 and has continued to be developed as a leading way to provide an excellent shopping experience for website visitors. Major brands including shoemaker Nike have used Magento to create compelling websites and make online sales easier to achieve. Coca Cola, Munchkin and other big brands have also used Magento to create suitable web projects too. They’re big fish.

How Can It Be Used Successfully?

Magento is a CMS where an e-commerce site can be created to sell products. It is not anywhere near as simple to use as WordPress and WooCommerce, both made by Automattic. However, it has powerful integration into payment gateways globally and has many customizations for design and other elements for a web studio to create a perfect solution for a client. Magento can be used for an online store, for drop-shippers wanting to list goods for other sites to sell or as a warehouse displaying the current inventory. The CMS is endless customizable and is considered a powerhouse for companies with a strong e-commerce focus.

Setup of Magento

Magento is installed in its most basic form. It has a modular structure where different modules can be added to increase its range of functionality. The site gets heavier on the backend depending on what’s require at the time, with new modules able to be installed as needed or removed too. A basic theme is provided to facilitate Magento Commerce, it’s e-commerce platform. The design helps to provide a smooth way for visitors to find products, learn about them, make a buying decision and proceed to complete a transaction. Setup of Magento is not for the faint of heart. Given the sheer number of features and customizations possible, experienced hands are required to create a website that makes best use of everything that this CMS has to offer.

Theme Use and Development

An existing Magento theme can be used or one can be developed to provide a custom look by Tricity Web Solutions. Existing themes may be used as a starting point with customization of them to change how they appear, so they match the company’s logo, color scheme and other aspects. In this way, using the Magento Commerce system, a site can fit the existing branding of the company.

Landing Pages

For companies that wish to promote products or service, the custom landing page feature is very useful. When advertising online or running a promotion, a special page URL can be given to let visitors reach a specific landing page. The product or service information is tailored to suit the audience that the advertising was intended to reach which helps increase sales conversions. i.e. when advertising to the manufacturing industry, both landing page design and written copy will be crafted to use elements that will appeal to that audience.

Order Management

Order management features are useful to keep track of current and past orders. This is true whether working with digital goods or physical goods. For physical goods, stock levels can be updated when an order is placed and subsequently dispatched. This is all part of the excellent order management inventory software that Magento may use.

Shopping Carts

The shopping cart and payment gateway integration is perhaps the strongest aspect of a Magento-based website. There is a great deal of flexibility with setting up the shopping cart and which payment processor to connect to for credit and debit card processing of transactions. The thousands of extensions available for use with Magento extend its connectivity and compatibility with many other platforms and software to expand its capabilities. There are over 150,000 developers who work on this open-source CMS to continually improve it and expand its capabilities. This has resulted in a better shopping experience because the platform is continually being refined, tested and improved upon. Our clients benefit from that sophisticated approach with better sales results.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence is applied with analytics to help better understand what visitors are doing on the website. How customers response to short-term promotions, what they do when stopping halfway through the shopping cart and other intricacies of online sales conversions are examined to help site owners improve their business results. While a free service like Google Analytics is helpful for sites overall, the Magento Business Intelligence takes things many steps deeper with a particular focus on e-commerce transactions. Tricities Web Solutions provides comprehensive services to help its clients needing or requestinga Magento e-commerce website. Whether that’s theme development, template management for new product categories or setting up one-off promotions, we’re here to help you.