Graphic Design Services in Chandigarh

We here at Tricity Web Solutions in Chandigarh work with graphic design in a major way. Graphic design has its interplay with many sides of the world we live in from a new web site design to advertising to a graphical logo to a mobile app. They all include aspects of using graphics to present or represent something in a meaningful, recognizable way.

Skillful Graphical Work

Only skillful graphical work will bring out the best in what’s possible on a given display resolution or limited screen size on a smartphone. Often graphics are reduced in size to make them faster to download because of their smaller file size, so we also look to make our graphics look attractive and useful in smaller dimensions with less pixel depth, without losing their meaning or impact. Tweaking graphical depth helps the websites we develop to load pages faster and mobile apps look prettier without slowing down the refresh rate on apps running on a low-powered Android phone. It’s a delicate balance between download time, screen refresh time, and the attractiveness of the graphics themselves. A trade-off is made on aesthetics to keep pages loading fast and mobile apps being a joy to use while not sacrificing image quality.

Different Graphic Types

Graphics come in all shapes, sizes and formats too. The right image file type is selected depending on what’s being depicted and the most appropriate format for that. Sometimes that is to facilitate showing the graphic off to its best appearance and other times it’s because it has a reduced the image file size for faster loading on a web page. An animated GIF can be created to market a brand successfully or to create a visual element on a client’s website. A transparent PNG file might be used to show the web page background through the image to draw on a three-dimensional effect to give greater depth and breadth to what’s being seen.A fixed photo that’s had filtering applied to improve its clarity or attractiveness may be shown as a JPEG file because it can be compressed while sacrificing little in image quality by doing so.

Photo Editing

Photo editing to take existing images and refine them for the web requires knowing what works best. Not only do images need to be resized and their quality adjusted to balance image quality vs file size effectively, but they must also not lose important details within the image. Better photo editing, and photo selection in the first instance too, makes all the difference with websites and brochures with photos. An image must be relevant to the topic that’s being discussed which is rarely the case with bland stock images carelessly selected and edited sloppily.


Infographics are a visual representation of facts and figures in a graphically interesting format. They are useful to present information in a visually interesting way or to use for distribution to get links back to your website as the originator of the infographic.

Online Advertising

Online advertising includes both graphical banner ads and written word ads. With graphical banners, these must look good and ensure any words within the graphical ad are still readable. Taking a small ad format and making it practical and effective as an advertising medium is no small task. A web studio with experience is the right choice for this type of assignment.

In-Print Design

Many times, graphics design is used to creating impressive layouts for printing. This provides the opportunity for brand recognition, effective marketing, advertising and promotion at events. There’s really no end to how design can be used for in-print design.

Business Stationery

Company letterheads, compliment slips, and business cards are all regularly used in businesses. Whether writing on behalf of the company, corresponding with employees on sick leave or handing out contact details on a business card, business stationery is necessary and a good way to look professional in the company’s dealings.


Posters are a great way to present a story and put your brand forward. Whether to adorn the walls of your office to keep your brand front and center for people visiting the office or for use at industry trade shows to pin up on the booth’s walls for promotional decoration, posters are very usable and reusable. With the larger size posters, there’s plenty of space to let our graphics designers get really creative about what message they wish to send and how they present it to the world.


A flyer doesn’t have to just be a photocopied white sheet of paper with black print to hand out to passersby. It can be a glossy, colorful introduction to your services or products that are available for sale locally or online.When additional effort is put into graphics design with a flyer, it is far less likely to be quickly discarded because there’s enough there to catch the eye of the person who receives it. They may even reach out to get one of the flyers because it’s made them curious before they’ve even been handed one!

Brochures& Catalogs

A brochure is a short-form way to provide detailed information about your products or services without having the heft of a full product catalog. The company can present their best products or the services that sell the most often and include key information or past case studies to help pre-sell to interested parties.For product catalogs, how they’re organized, graphically presented and designed including the front and back covers too, makes all the difference. The cover pulls you in to want to see what is hidden inside and does the selling for your business.

Print Advertising

Print advertising is a specialized area. It helps to understand the local market to produce a printed advertisement that will catch the eye of people walking, riding or driving past. Similarly, advertisements for magazines must stop people from quickly flicking through to the next page to pay attention to what’s being advertised. Tricity Web Solutions can satisfy and fulfill all your graphical design needs. Whether that’s for online advertising and infographics, business stationery design, posters or brochures. Getting the right look to your presentation truly matters.